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      Public Documents

      Michigan Radio makes a series of documents accessible to the public as part of its responsibility to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which supports the station through annual Community Service Grants (CSGs), and to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Documents available for public review (below) include a list of station senior/executive management, a list of the board of directors and a schedule of the board’s open meetings, complete annual financial statements, a diversity statement, and a local content and service report.

      Senior/Executive Management

      Michigan Radio’s Executive Director/General Manager Stephen Schram is responsible for oversight and management of the station. Day-to-day operations are further managed by a team of senior managers, as listed below. The senior/executive management team can be reached by calling Michigan Radio’s main number, 734-764-9210, or by emailing them directly.

      Stephen Schram, Executive Director/General Manager, schram[at]

      Zoe Clark, Program Director, zoeclark[at]

      Vincent Duffy, News Director, vduffy[at]

      Larry Jonas, Director of Development, ljonas[at]

      Holli Eaton, Director of Corporate Support, heaton[at]

      Steve Chrypinski, Marketing Director, steveski[at]

      Bob Skon, Chief Engineer, bobskon[at]

      The executive director/general manager reports to Kallie Bila Michels, Vice President for Communications, who can be contacted at: kallie[at] ?and/or 734-763-5800.

      Governing Board Members

      Michigan Radio (WUOM / WFUM / WVGR / WRSX) is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to the Regents of the University of Michigan, which is governed by an eight member Board of Regents elected at-large in biennial statewide elections. A list of the Regents, effective through December 31, 2023, can be found below. Michigan Radio does not have a separate Community Advisory Board.

      Jordan B. Acker, Huntington Woods

      Michael J. Behm, Grand Blanc

      Mark J. Bernstein, Ann Arbor

      Paul W. Brown, Ann Arbor

      Sarah Hubbard, Okemos

      Denise Illitch, Bingham Farms

      Ron Weiser, Ann Arbor

      Katherine E. White, Ann Arbor

      Mark S. Schlissel (ex officio)

      Open Board Meetings

      The University of Michigan Board of Regents’ 2021 meetings are scheduled to take place on the following dates: February 18, March 25, May 20, June 17, July 15, September 23, October 21, and December 9. All formal sessions of the board are open to the public, and the meeting schedule, agenda, and location will be published on the Board of Regents website the week of the meeting.?

      If, on the rare occasion, a board meeting is closed to the public in order to discuss sensitive or confidential information related to its public broadcasting station, Michigan Radio will post a notice on this webpage within a reasonable time following the closed meeting.

      Annual Report to the Community

      We welcome our stakeholders to view our FY20 Annual Report to the Community. This document was prepared as part of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Station Activity Survey (SAS). Our yearly completion of the SAS helps keep Michigan Radio eligible for critical funding through the CPB's Community Service Grant program.

      • Local Content and Services Report archive: FY19 | FY18
      • Annual Report archive: 2019 | 2018

      Financial Records

      Michigan Radio undergoes an annual financial audit and makes its audited statements available to the public on this webpage. The station’s audited financial statements for the past three years are listed below in addition to the Annual Financial Reports (AFRs) prepared for the CPB.

      2020 Financial Statement (PDF) | 2020 CPB Annual Financial Report (PDF)

      2019 Financial Statement (PDF)?|?2019 CPB Annual Financial Report (PDF)

      2018 Financial Statement (PDF) | 2018 CPB Annual Financial Report (PDF)

      FCC Public Files

      For decades, the public file for each broadcast station has been kept at the station’s main studio in paper or electronic form and made available during normal business hours. The FCC has now changed its rules to require almost all of this public file information to be posted online at a website hosted by the FCC. As a result, members of the public will be able to find information regarding individual stations, and other communication entities, more easily and at any time convenient to them. To directly access the public file information for each of Michigan Radio’s three broadcast licenses, use the links below:

      WUOM | WVGR | WFUM

      Equal Opportunity Employer

      The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires Michigan Radio to document that it has satisfied EEO requirements during each FCC license term. The station accomplishes this in the form of an annual EEO public file that details the filling of job vacancies.? Michigan Radio filed for a FCC license renewal in September 2012 and will do so again in 2020. The report for the current license period is as follows:

      June 1, 2020 - May 31, 2021 Annual EEO Public File Report (PDF).

      Michigan Radio is looking for organizations that regularly distribute information about employment opportunities to job applicants or have job applicants to refer.? If your organization would like to receive notification of job vacancies at Michigan Radio, please contact Cindy Payne, Human Resources Administrator, at cmpayne[at] or by calling the station’s main number, 734-764-9210.

      Strategic Plan

      In October, 2020 Michigan Radio completed a new Strategic Plan that articulates a revised vision, mission and values statements for the station.? This plan is designed to ensure the station’s relevance in the rapidly changing media landscape, help diversify our audience and secure Michigan Radio’s long term financial stability. You can learn more about the process and view the Strategic Plan here.??

      Diversity Statement

      As a unit of the University of Michigan, Michigan Radio is strongly committed to a policy of non-discrimination. As part of its strategic plan, Michigan Radio has updated its Statement on Diversity, which can be found here.

      Staff Demographic Composition Annual Report and Turnover Report

      Introducing our annual report on the demographic composition of our Michigan Radio staff. The report is posted publically on our website and tracked with prior period comparisons. This report can be found here.? You can also find our staff turnover report here.


      Michigan Radio holds itself to the highest standards of journalism in order to provide listeners with the most valuable, honest, and relevant news.? Truth, fairness, trust, and accountability are at the core of Michigan Radio’s obligation to uphold journalistic integrity. The station adheres to its own Editorial Integrity document as well as the code of ethics designed by the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA). The RTDNA Code of Ethics outlines the most important tenets all professional electronic journalists should follow. Michigan Radio has also adopted ethics codes and statements of the following: Public Media Code of Integrity, Society of Professional Journalists, and Public Radio News Directors Inc.

      Last updated: February 2021

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