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      Issues & Ale

      Issues and Ale is an event series from Michigan Radio designed to engage people in conversations about important issues facing Michigan... in an informal atmosphere.? The events are hosted by Michigan Radio reporters and feature experts on the topic. All events are free, and the public is invited to join in the discussion. You can find information on upcoming and past Issues & Ale events on the pages below.

      We hold Issues & Ale events at venues all across our listening area. You can share your suggestions for future topics or locations by e-mailing us at?

      Ways to Connect

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      Issues & Ale @ Home?
      Detroit's Olympic Dreams - Lessons Learned
      Tuesday, July 20, 2021 - 7:00 PM
      A Michigan Radio Free Virtual Event

      Many Michiganders may not be aware that the city of Detroit has made multiple bids to host the Olympic Games. With the Summer Olympics set to start in Tokyo after being delayed because of the pandemic, a new online exhibition looks at Detroit’s own Olympic history. We'll talk with the curators and Michigan historians about the city's attempts to host the games amid a backdrop of local, national and international politics.? ?

      Issues & Ale @ Home:
      That's What They Say
      Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - 7:00 PM

      A Michigan Radio Virtual Event - Free

      Does it drive you crazy when someone uses "literally" to mean "figuratively," or "impact" as a verb? Join University of Michigan English professor and Dean of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Anne Curzan and Michigan Radio’s Rebecca Kruth, the hosts of That’s What They Say, for this fun evening discussing our changing English language.

      Issues & Ale @ Home: ?Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region

      Host: Lester Graham - Reporter/Host of The Environment Report

      The Great Lakes region is often touted as one of the more climate-resilient places in the U.S., in no small part because of its enviable water resources. But climate change also threatens our water quality, availability, and aging infrastructure by exposing existing vulnerabilities and creating new ones.

      Issues & Ale @ Home: The Future of the?Republican?Party in Michigan
      Wednesday, April 7, 2021, 7:00 pm
      Host: Zoe Clark? ? ?

      Issues & Ale @ Home - COVID Vaccine Update
      Tues, Jan 26, 2021
      7-8 PM

      The availability of a vaccine for the coronavirus means there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but many issues and questions remain. What has caused the delays in vaccine distribution in Michigan and what’s being done to speed up the process.? Plus, we'll discuss the new British variant of the disease and its impact.?

      Join Stateside host April Baer at our next Issues & Ale @ Home for a discussion on what you need to know about COVID-19 and the vaccine.?

      Cheers for the Holidays
      Virtual Craft Cocktail Evening
      Wednesday, December 16, 2020
      7:30 PM - 8:45 PM

      While most holiday parties and gatherings may be on hold this year you can still celebrate the season with your friends at Michigan Radio!

      Join the hosts of Michigan Radio’s popular Cheers! segment, Lester Graham and Tammy Coxen, for an evening of holiday craft cocktails - in the comfort of your own home.?

      Issues & Ale @ Home: It's Just Politics Election Preview

      Wednesday, October 21, 2020
      7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

      Voters across America go to the polls on November 3 in the most highly anticipated election in a generation. Besides the presidential contest, voters in Michigan will be casting ballots in hotly contested races for the U.S. Senate and several House seats. And a record number of voters casting absentee ballots could delay when we'll know who the winners are.

      Issues & Ale @ Home: Kids These Days
      Wednesday, September 30, 2020
      7:00 PM?

      Millions of teens are experiencing a social disruption like never before: global pandemic, remote school, nationwide protests.?

      Michigan Radio's latest podcast,?Kids These Days, is a collaboration with Community High School in Ann Arbor. The show?not?only captures what life is like for teens right before COVID-19, it also sheds light on how young people are dealing with this new normal.?

      Issues & Ale @ Home
      Keep Calm and Teach On: Back to School during COVID
      Wednesday, August 26, 2020 - 7 PM

      ?Teachers, parents and school administrators face unprecedented challenges this fall trying to educate students in the midst of the pandemic.? Some schools plan to combine?digital learning with in-person instruction while others are going all online.?How can schools keep students and teachers safe while still providing a quality education??

      Issues & Ale @ Home
      Reforming the Police
      Wednesday, July 22, 2020
      7:00 - 8:00 PM

      After the death of George Floyd and other?Black people at the hands of police,? many are saying it's time for major reforms in the way police departments?operate. This has included calls to demilitarize and defund police departments while increasing community policing. What are the options being discussed and?how could these ensure more equitable treatment for everyone??

      Issues & Ale @ Home: Getting Back to Business Safely in Michigan

      Thursday, May 14, 2020, 6:00-7:00 PM

      While we can’t gather in person for our usual Issues & Ale discussions, you can join Michigan Radio’s Lester Graham for this live online discussion about how we go about getting stores, restaurants and small businesses in the state open and back to work.

      Issues & Ale: ?Michigan’s Presidential Primary?
      Mon, March 9, 2020 ??6:30-8:00 PM?
      Lansing Brewing Co.
      518 E Shiawassee St, Lansing, MI 48912

      Michigan is considered one of the key swing states that could decide the 2020 presidential election. The race for president rolls into Michigan with the state’s presidential primary on Tuesday, March 10.?

      Listen to audio from this event below.

      Governor Gretchen Whitmer delivered her second “State of the State” address on Wednesday, January 29th.? She called for $3.5 billion in new bonds to fix Michigan's crumbling roads, and new initiatives in health care, early childhood education and more.

      Wednesday, November 6, 6:30 - 8:00 pm

      Harmony Hall
      401 Stocking Ave NW
      Grand Rapids, MI 49504

      2019 was a big year in state politics, with a new Michigan governor and Attorney General taking office, a slew of Democratic presidential candidates beginning to campaign across the state, and Republicans rallying around the President.?

      Issues & Ale: Go Big or Go Home - The Price and Payoff of College Sports
      Monday, September 23, 6:30 – 8:00 PM
      Ypsi Alehouse
      124 Pearl St., Suite 100 Centennial Center, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

      A strong athletics program can bring in cash, build student engagement, and generate publicity for colleges. But what impact does the investment in large-scale athletics have on the rest of a college? And what happens if it's not successful?

      Issues & Ale recap: Michigan's growing PFAS crisis

      Jul 26, 2019
      Crissy Zamarron / Michigan Radio

      Issues & Ale traveled to the west side of the state on Monday, July 23?for an informative discussion covering the concerns about per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) that many communities there share. On a beautiful summer day on the patio at Perrin Brewing Company, host Lester Graham and a panel of experts shared the science and history behind PFAS contamination in Michigan, as well as some advice for nervous residents.

      The panel for the evening included:

      Issues & Ale: Inside StoryCorps

      Jul 24, 2019

      Issues & Ale: Inside StoryCorps
      Monday, August 5, 6:30 – 8:00 PM
      Flint Farmers’ Market
      300 E. First St, Flint, MI 48502

      Since 2005, the StoryCorps mobile recording studio, a converted Airstream trailer, has traveled the country recording the stories of the people who live there. They have heard and recorded amazing stories from extraordinary people from every part of America. Now, the StoryCorps MobileBooth will be in Flint from August 6 – Sept. 5 to help record, share, and preserve the stories of the city. Join Michigan Radio’s Lester Graham as we talk with StoryCorps’ staff about their visit to Vehicle City, life on the road with America’s oral history project, and some of the unique stories they’ve heard.

      Issues & Ale: Michigan's Growing PFAS Crisis

      Jul 1, 2019

      Issues & Ale: Michigan's Growing PFAS Crisis
      Tues, July 23, 6:30 - 8:00 PM
      Perrin Brewing Co
      5910 Comstock Park Dr NW, Comstock Park, MI 49321

      Over the past two years, PFAS (or perfluoroalkyl substances) contamination? has emerged as a growing problem across Michigan. The chemicals have been found in more than 100 public water systems across the state and people are being advised not to drink, come in contact with or eat fish from bodies of water that may be contaminated. Join Lester Graham of The Environment Report as we discuss the scope of the problem, the heath concerns and what's being done about it.

      Issues & Ale: Our Next Generation Leaders

      May 31, 2019

      Wednesday, June 26, 6:30 -8:00 PM
      Michigan Princess Riverboat
      Grand River Park, Lansing, MI 48917

      The divided political climate in the U.S has ushered in a new generation of leaders across the country. We're beginning to see more people of color, women, and young people running for public office. At our next Issues & Ale event, we'll discuss Michigan's next generation of leaders...where they're coming from, who they're representing, and what has motivated these first-time candidates to bring their voices to politics.

      Join host Zoe Clark and our panel,?as we talk about the potential impact these new faces are having on government. Have a pint, and let's talk politics as we cruise down the the Grand River for this special Issues & Ale on the Michigan Princess River Boat in Lansing.

      Issues and Ale is an event series from Michigan Radio designed to engage people in conversations about important issues facing our an informal atmosphere.

      Issues & Ale recap: Child care

      May 24, 2019
      Crissy Zamarron / Michigan Radio

      Michigan’s wavering spring weather was in our favor this week as Issues & Ale took the discussion outside for the first time this year. Our panelists and listeners joined us on the patio of J.B.’s Smokehouse in Canton for a discussion on the state of child care in Michigan.

      Michigan Radio’s Doug Tribou hosted the discussion, bringing his own experience as a father of two young girls who has encountered these issues firsthand. Doug was joined by fellow parents and experts in children’s education and care in Michigan:

      Issues & Ale: Child Care

      Apr 25, 2019

      Wednesday, May 22, 6:30 -8:00 PM
      J.B.'s Smokehouse
      225 S. Canton Center Rd., Canton, MI 48188

      Join Michigan Radio's host of "Morning Edition" and father of two, Doug Tribou, for a discussion on the state of child care in Michigan. He and our expert panelists will talk about some of the current problems facing parents like affordability and quality of child care, and look for solutions.? Register to attend,? and join in the conversation.

      Issues and Ale is an event series from Michigan Radio designed to engage people in conversations about important issues facing our an informal atmosphere.

      Issues & Ale recap: Grammar Night

      Apr 16, 2019
      Crissy Zamarron / Michigan Radio

      Hosts of Michigan Radio’s That’s What They Say, Rebecca Kruth and Anne Curzan, took over the latest Issues and Ale event in Grand Rapids to discuss an ever important issue to many public radio listeners: language and grammar! The pair led our audience in an educational, enlightening, and often hilarious conversation about everything from the newest slang, to the impact of texting on language, to the ever-controversial, Oxford comma.

      Crissy Zamarron / Michigan Radio

      The Issues & Ale series was glad to provide a special presentation on March 7th featuring a visit from our colleagues from the BBC Newhour staff from London.

      Michigan Radio and BBC fans flocked to The Rust Belt Market in Ferndale to join in a thought-provoking conversation about international and U.S. politics with our panel. Our own Lester Graham hosted the discussion while our visiting guest speakers included...

      Issues & Ale: Grammar Night

      Mar 26, 2019

      Monday, April 15, 6:30 -8:00 PM
      City Built Brewing
      820 Monroe Ave NW, #155, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

      Join University of Michigan English Professor Anne Curzan and Michigan Radio's Rebecca Kruth, the hosts of That's What They Say, for this fun evening discussing our changing English language and your favorite language pet peeves.

      Issues and Ale is an event series from Michigan Radio designed to engage people in conversations about important issues facing our an informal atmosphere.

      Issues & Ale panel
      Crissy Zamarron / Michigan Radio

      Gearing up for the State of the State Address on Feb. 12, our Issues & Ale crew gathered Monday, Feb. 4, at Brewery Becker in Brighton to talk about the new administration in Lansing. Over 100 politically engaged listeners packed into the venue for the entertaining night of local and national politics.

      Thursday, March 7, 7 -8:30 PM
      The Rust Belt Market
      22801 Woodward Avenue, Ferndale, Michigan 48220

      A very special Issues & Ale is coming this March as we welcome our friends from the BBC for a unique discussion of American politics. Staff from the BBC Newshour will join host Lester Graham to talk about the government shut down, the border wall…and perhaps some of the big news from across the pond.

      Issues and Ale is an event series from Michigan Radio designed to engage people in conversations about important issues facing our an informal atmosphere.

      Issues & Ale: The Changing of the Guard in State Goverment?
      Mon, February 4, 6:30-8:00 PM
      Brewery Becker
      500 W Main St, Brighton, MI 48116

      We’ve sworn in our new governor and as the position shifts from red to blue, the state anticipates changes ahead. At our first Issues and Ale of 2019, we’ll be talking about Governor Whitmer’s first month in office and what Michiganders can expect from the new administration in its first year.

      Issues & Ale: It’s Just Politics Election Preview
      Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018
      6:30 - 8:00 pm

      Harmony Hall
      401 Stocking Ave NW,
      Grand Rapids, MI 49504

      Host: Zoe Clark

      Michigan Radio’s?Issues & Ale?discussion series traveled to Toledo Monday night for the station’s first event of this kind in Ohio. The event took place at Black Cloister Brewing Company and focused on Lake Erie’s toxic cyanobacteria blooms and the safety of Toledo’s water.

      Issues & Ale: The Downtown Dilemma
      Tue, Sept 11, 6:30-8:00 PM?
      Bill’s Beer Garden
      218 S Ashley St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
      (Note: Since this is an outdoor event. In case of bad weather the rain date will be Wednesday, Sept. 12).


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