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      Oct 29, 2020

      Do you ever feel like you’re just…overwhelmed by the headlines? Those almost constant news alerts?

      You are not alone.?

      Our daily Stateside podcast, hosted by April Baer, is here to cut through the noise with conversations that matter to Michigan.?

      We revamped our sound to bring the important stories around our state into focus. Whether it’s the latest political news, interviews with artists and musicians,? or stories that just make you feel a little more connected to people around the state.

      We want to help you understand what’s going on in Michigan, one conversation at a time.

      You can find us wherever you like to listen to podcasts, including these popular services:

      • Apple Podcasts
      • Google Podcasts
      • NPR One
      • Spotify
      • Amazon Music
      • Audible
      • Pocket Casts
      • Overcast

      You can also add the podcast RSS feed in the platform of your choice.

      And don't worry - you'll still be able to find full episodes and individual segments from each day's on-air show?online here.?

      New to Stateside?

      We turned the tables and asked host April Baer some questions to learn a little bit more about her and what the Stateside podcast sounds like.

      What are you most looking forward to about this version of the Stateside podcast? What will listeners hear?

      April Baer: To this point, our podcast is the entirety of the Stateside broadcast - all 53 minutes. That will still be available for streaming but we've been feeling for a long time that we might make better use of people's time by focusing attention on an essential conversation of the day - sometimes two related pieces. We're really taking our time with the re-edits and thinking about how to get to the heart of the issue. Part of this is just recognizing people's time is valuable. Part is sharing some of our back-of-the-house editorial thoughts.

      Why do you think it was important to make the switch? What do you hope it will do for listeners?

      AB:?For some of us, this is the kind of work we've prepared for our whole careers. You need the news chops to figure out the thread of the story, the technical skill to make it sing, and the proficiency to turn it over fast. For listeners, this will bring across some nuances that you might not get in the show - stuff we've discussed in prep. Sometimes, just pausing to take in the point a guest just makes for a different understanding. Pacing is such a key part of how our brains process audio. We think it's a more concentrated form of the elixir people tune in for on the broadcast. And if your time is of the essence, this is where you'll get the goods.?

      Now a little more about April:

      What are your favorite podcasts (besides Stateside, obviously) and why?

      AB:?For broad-scope daily stuff, I like Post Reports (Washington Post). It feels like a conversation you'd overhear in a newsroom. When I'm ready to pull back and get my head together, I pull up It's Been a Minute (NPR), The Takeaway: Politics with Amy Walter (WNYC) - so well researched! But my all-around favorite is The Nod (Gimlet). It's an absolutely perfect fusion of off-the-cuff chemistry and cool stories. They can tell incredibly well-developed narratives with just one or two sources.?

      What’s the strangest thing someone’s told you during an interview?

      AB:?Oh, man. About ten years ago I had a chance to interview one of the survivors of Jonestown. He kept telling me over the phone he couldn't talk to me at length - it was just too painful. Then, when I got there to do the interview, he started talking and just couldn't stop. I'm still not sure if he was broken by things he saw or things he did. In retrospect, probably a mix of both.

      Fill in the blank. At the end of a long work day, you’ll find April Baer______.

      AB:?At Dairy Queen!? I have broad and complex tastes in ice cream. But let's be real, 2020 has driven us back to basics.

      Go-to Dairy Queen order?

      AB:?Banana caramel milkshake. When we wrap a really big interview day, I like a banana split. I really loved the raspberry fudge blizzard they had over the summer. But I'm also pretty happy with just a twist cone.?

      Sticking to the food and beverage theme, what’s your favorite Michigan beer?

      AB:?Oh, that's easy: Bell's Bright White. We had a lot of Oberon this summer, obviously. The thing is, 16 years living in Oregon made me pretty sick of IPAs. I can't believe the hop insanity has made its way back east. I'm a Belgian girl all the way.?

      What’s getting you through 2020??

      AB:?My kid. It feels important to remember that academic learning is secondary to keeping them sane and whole right now. Also my amazing husband, who always has my back and makes me laugh. Also: my cats, who just don't care about the election. Also: Lester Graham & Tammy Coxen's cocktail recipe book, Cheers to Michigan.

      You can hear Stateside weekdays at 3 and 9 p.m., or any time you like wherever you listen to podcasts.

      Want to support projects like this? Consider making a gift to Michigan Radio today.

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