Steve Carmody | Michigan Radio


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      Steve Carmody

      Mid-Michigan Reporter / Producer

      Steve Carmody has been a reporter for Michigan Radio since 2005.

      Steve previously worked at public radio and television stations in Florida, Oklahoma and Kentucky, and also has extensive experience in commercial broadcasting.

      During his three-plus decades in broadcasting, Steve has won numerous awards, including accolades from the Associated Press and Radio and Television News Directors Association. Away from the broadcast booth, Steve is an avid reader and movie fanatic.

      Ways to Connect

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      U.S. Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) says Congress needs to pass an infrastructure bill that is “bigger and bolder” than the one that narrowly passed the U.S. House Thursday.

      The Democratic-led House has approved a sizable $715 billion transportation bill. The bill passed Thursday includes spending for roads, rail, public transit and water and could serve as a marker in the negotiations over a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      One of Michigan’s largest cities currently does not have a contract with a business to pick up its garbage.

      Flint’s garbage pickup contract expired on June 30.

      Wednesday, the Flint City Council failed to approve a 90-day extension to the city’s contract with Republic Services. Instead, the council approved a 30-day contract, which is not what Republic wanted.

      a flooded interstate 94 with a submerged vehicle
      Russ McNamara / WDET

      People in southeast Michigan are submitting damage claims this week after heavy weekend rains led to severe flooding.?Local cities and townships are collecting the information, which will make up part of the state’s report to federal emergency officials.? ??

      Governor Gretchen Whitmer has submitted a request for a?presidential declaration of disaster.?

      older homes in front of a large building
      soupstock / Adobe Stock

      There’s new legislation to give people in public housing more protections, and provide them with help to improve the quality of their homes.

      The Tenant Empowerment Act is intended to assist residents in U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-assisted rental housing. Those residents face ongoing issues with the physical condition of their homes due to chronic underfunding and insufficient federal oversight.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      State lawmakers are proposing using one-time federal funds to underwrite a $2.5 billion investment in Michigan’s water infrastructure.

      The bill would use grants and loans to help pay for dam repairs, lead pipe replacement and other water related projects.

      Senate Bill 565 includes:

      - ?$680 million for the creation of grant and loan programs to repair the most critical of Michigan’s dams?

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      A new survey of Michigan small business owners finds many are planning for a more positive future coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

      The survey by the Small Business Association of Michigan finds 72% of owners say they are optimistic about the survival of their businesses.

      Executive Director Brian Calley says their optimism is clear.

      “You don’t increase wages and plan to expand staff if you don’t see good opportunity for recovery in the future,” says Calley.

      Calley concedes the survey’s results do not include the views of those who’s businesses were went out-of-business during the pandemic.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      A court hearing Monday will look at the process of reviewing grand jury documents in the Flint Water Crisis investigation.

      Defense attorneys accuse prosecutors of “stonewalling.”

      In January, nine government officials including former Gov. Rick Snyder, were charged with crimes ranging from willful neglect of duty to involuntary manslaughter. The criminal counts were handed down by a one-man grand jury.? ?

      Circuit Court Judge Duncan Beagle has been overseeing the process of reviewing evidence presented to the one-man grand jury in the Flint water crisis criminal investigation.?

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel says her office will look into allegations of "potentially fraudulent activity" among people making false claims about the 2020 election.?

      The allegations were raised in a report, from the Republican-controlled state Senate Oversight Committee, which found no evidence of “widespread or systemic fraud” in Michigan’s election.

      voting booths
      Jodi Westrick / Michigan Radio

      Senate Republicans who investigated Michigan's presidential election say there was no widespread or systemic fraud.

      a USPS mail truck

      Dana Nessel is part of a coalition of nearly two dozen attorneys general calling on the Postal Regulatory Commission to oppose Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s efforts to increase delivery times for First-Class Mail and other essential postal services.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      The state of Michigan will take a major step toward normal as most state COVID-19 restrictions are lifted on Tuesday.?

      But many businesses continue to struggle with one lingering effect of the pandemic: a labor shortage.

      At a legislative committee hearing Thursday, state lawmakers heard from representatives from different industries. Tony Daoud operates gas stations in the Flint area. He blames pandemic jobless benefits that pay more than he does for his business’ struggle to recruit and retain hourly workers.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      A federal judge finds Detroit’s effort to reserve half of recreational marijuana retail licenses for city residents is likely “unconstitutional.”? ?

      The legacy provision in Detroit’s ordinance gives an advantage to people who’ve lived ten to 15 years out of the past 30 in the city. Other factors like low incomes or past marijuana convictions would give legacy applicants an advantage in obtaining adult-use licenses.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      University of Michigan students rallied at all three campuses Wednesday to call for more funding for U of M campuses in Flint and Dearborn.

      A group of students and faculty want $100 million in additional money for the satellite campuses over the next five years.

      “If they really wanted to value diversity, equity and inclusion, they would make sure that this is in this budget,” says Levi Todd, the U of M Flint student body president

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      A Flint man is facing a state terrorism charge after allegedly phoning in a bomb threat two weeks ago at an event attended by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

      More than a thousand people attended the event at the Genesee County jail in Flint in hopes of having their criminal records expunged. In addition to the governor, Attorney General Dana Nessel, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, three Michigan Supreme Court Justices, U.S. Representative Dan Kildee and numerous other dignitaries were in attendance during the day-long event.?

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      Former Governor Rick Snyder’s defense attorney says its “outrageous” that prosecutors have not given him all the evidence in Snyder’s Willful Neglect of Duty case.

      Snyder was charged in January with two misdemeanor counts related to the Flint water crisis.? ?

      The former governor could face a year in prison and up to a $1,000 fine on each count if convicted. He’s entered pleas of not guilty to the charges.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      On Monday, the Flint City Council will once again try to pass a city budget.

      But there’s little hope the divided council will be able to reach an agreement.

      Flint’s dysfunctional city council has often struggled with mundane tasks, but the current stalemate over the proposed $71 million city budget threatens to cause a government shutdown.

      Some council members are upset the budget does not contain more money for blight removal and public safety. The budget does not include federal COVID relief money.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      “All I can say is I am sorry.”

      That’s what former United Auto Workers president Gary Jones told a federal judge during his sentencing hearing Thursday on embezzlement and tax evasion charges.

      Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

      A Flint family wants more than an apology after the Michigan State Police raided their home back in April, based on what police say was later discovered to be false information.

      56 year old Renee Dunigan was home with her daughter and three grandchildren on April 21, when the State Police kicked in her door and started searching the house on Garland Street on Flint's northside.

      “We’re just there saying ‘Can we call anybody? What is this for?' We did nothing wrong or anything,” Dunigan said, as her eyes began to tear up during a news conference Tuesday.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      Criticized for a massive backlog at local Secretary of State office branches, Secretary Jocelyn Benson says her department is taking steps to improve service.

      Benson implemented an appointment-only system during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the change from a walk-in system has not been well received.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      This weekend marks the beginning of Michigan’s summer festival and fair season, without COVID-19 restrictions on outdoor events.

      Last year was a tough year for many of the businesses that depend on Michigan’s summer festivals and fair.? The coronavirus pandemic forced most to cancel.

      But June 1, the state of Michigan lifted restrictions on outdoor events.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      State lawmakers are clashing over legislation to restrict the use of so-called ‘No-Knock’ warrants.

      Police use no-knock warrants to surprise suspects. But critics complain some police departments are abusing them, putting innocent people at risk.

      State Sen. Erika Geiss (D-Taylor) says her bill would require police to consider other options before requesting a no-knock warrant.

      “They should have those tools,” says Geiss, “But at the same time, they should be used surgically...very very carefully.”


      The state’s top health official says she stands by Michigan’s COVID-19 fatality numbers for the state’s nursing homes.?But she concedes other numbers for long-term care facilities “could be low.”

      About 30% of all COVID deaths in Michigan during the pandemic are connected to nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      Members of Michigan’s congressional delegation are among those waiting to see if a deal can be cut between the Biden administration and Republican leaders on a major infrastructure bill.?

      President Joe Biden met for nearly an hour Wednesday with the top Republican negotiator on infrastructure, Sen. Shelley Moore Capito.

      Time is running out to strike a bipartisan deal, but they have agreed to reconnect Friday.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      “Let’s Do This!” Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel shouted at the kickoff of a criminal record expungement fair in Flint on Wednesday.

      Hundreds of people stood in long lines for hours in front of the Genesee County jail, waiting for their chance to get criminal convictions cleared from their records.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      There’s been an increase in so-called "zombie foreclosures" in Michigan and around the country.

      Zombie-foreclosures are vacant and abandoned homes that banks are trying to foreclose on.

      Attom Data Solutions reports Zombie foreclosures rose 21% in the second quarter of the year, nationally.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      Top state law enforcement officials have announced the launching of an investigation into allegations against the Boy Scouts of America.

      The Michigan Attorney General’s office and Michigan State Police are working to obtain information surrounding sex abuse allegations that came to light during recent civil litigation.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      Up to 1,000 people are expected to get criminal convictions expunged from their records during an event this week in Flint.

      Wednesday’s expungement fair will take place at the Genesee County Sheriff’s office.?

      Michigan’s new expungement law took effect in April.? The law expands number of misdemeanor and felony convictions that qualify for expungement.

      A new study looks at diagnosing heart damage linked to the COVID-19 in Big Ten athletes.

      Doctors examined 1,600 Big Ten college athletes who caught COVID during the pandemic and found 37 had developed a rare heart condition (Myocarditis), where a viral infection causes swelling of the heart.

      Myocarditis is a leading cause of sudden death in competitive athletes.?

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      In Royal Oak, a controversy over a war memorial was a distraction hovering over Monday’s Memorial Day parade.

      Thousands of people lined Main Street, listening to bands play, waving at veterans riding floats and hearing several groups of women dressed as “Rosie the Riveter” chant “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.”

      Normally, Memorial Day unites communities, but there is a division in Royal Oak.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      Michigan’s real estate market is hot these days with demand for single family homes driving up prices.?? But the state’s home builders are struggling to build homes these days.

      In the four-county region (Macomb, Oakland, St. Clair, and Wayne) in southeast Michigan in April, new home construction permits dropped 28% from the previous month.???


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