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      This week, we have got to address a question a listener recently sent us about whether there's anything wrong with saying "have got to" instead of just "have to."

      The short answer is no. However, there people are who see "have got to" as redundant, and that's why this gets a little complicated.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      The city of Flint’s lead service line pipe replacement program is entering a critical next few weeks. ??

      Flint’s water crisis prompted the city to begin inspecting the service lines connecting homes and businesses to city water mains.? Aging pipes were the primary source of lead in the city’s drinking water.

      paramedics standing outside ambulance doors
      Mat Napo / Unsplash

      There is a major shortage of emergency medical service workers across the state. But paramedic education programs require extensive certification and can be costly to start up. For that reason, they aren’t often offered in rural communities.

      North Central Michigan College is now opening satellite programs in Gaylord and Alpena for students who currently don’t have access.

      Taylor Wizner / Michigan Radio

      President Joe Biden took a tour of a northern Michigan cherry orchard today.

      At Kings Orchard in Central Lake, Biden met with several Michigan politicians including Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow.

      But the real reason for the visit was to get some northern Michigan was "Cherry pie,”? Biden joked.

      Whitmer plan calls for millions to modernize state parks

      Jul 3, 2021
      groups of people walking along a nature trail in the forest
      Bradyn Shock / Unsplash

      Michigan’s parks and trails could see major improvements under a multi-million-dollar proposal from Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

      The governor wants to use $250 million in American Rescue Plan funding to modernize state facilities, many of which saw record numbers of visitors last year.

      LGBT Pride Flag
      Tyrone Warner / flickr

      The Michigan Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether Michigan’s civil rights law protects people from discrimination based on sexual orientation.

      That order was made public today.

      The Michigan Department of Civil Rights is appealing a lower court ruling.

      The question is whether Michigan’s civil rights law protects against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

      Dan Austin

      The CEO of the Great Lakes Water Authority detailed on Friday what went wrong at two Detroit pumping stations during the height of last weekend’s torrential rains and flooding.

      Sue McCormick said power failures caused “operational issues” at two pumping stations on Detroit’s east side—Freud and Conner Creek. That area suffered some of the worst flooding in Metro Detroit after being pummeled with nearly seven inches of rain in several hours.

      Flooding in metro Detroit this weekend.
      Courtesy of Dan Austin

      Metro Detroit is still recovering from severe storms which brought historic levels of flooding to the area. The damage from the flooding extended to freeways, roads, and homes—including flooded basements and tons of damaged property.

      Affected cities have asked residents to pile unsalvageable debris from the storm onto the curb. In many places around the region, it's still sitting there.

      Joe Munem is the director of government affairs and public relations for GFL Environmental Michigan, a Toronto-based waste management company that serves much of the metro Detroit region.

      Joe Biden in front of blue curtain
      The White House

      Today on Stateside, Joe Biden visits Traverse City to promote a message of reopening and renewal. Also, arts leader Ismael Ahmed talks about his appointment to a national arts advisory board and the need for more federal funding for the arts. Plus, two Michigan stand-up comics talk to us about the ways being queer prepares you for a comedy career.?

      Joe Aasim

      With a global pandemic, major social movements, and crucial political events all occurring within the past year, finding reasons to laugh has been challenging. After a year of empty venues, comedians are eager to return to the stage.?

      striped safety cones on a road
      Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

      The state Legislature is on a summer break with much of the state budget still unfinished. That includes revenue sharing payments to local governments, as well as plans for using federal pandemic aid.? ? ? ? ? ? ?

      While local governments rely on revenue sharing payments, an even bigger deal is approving the state’s allocation of American Rescue Plan funds.? ? ? ? ? ? ?

      Lester Graham / Michigan Radio

      With things opening up as the COVID-19 pandemic eases, Tammy Coxen with Tammy’s Tastings and I decided it was time to start visiting the mixologists and distillers who are the driving forces behind the craft cocktail movement.

      Our first stop was Griffin Claw which has two locations in Birmingham and Rochester Hills. We visited the Rochester Hills site. Griffin Claw is, known for its brewing, but it distills spirits too.

      John Auchter / Michigan Radio

      With ongoing posturing around spending bills in Washington, the building collapse in Florida, record high temps in the Pacific Northwest, and our own deluge of rain here in Michigan, this past week has seen plenty of opinions expressed over infrastructure and global climate change.

      Which is fine and expected and, actually, necessary. There's a lot going on that affects our lives directly and indirectly, so it's reasonable for us to try to reconcile it.

      Tony Brown

      Michigan’s Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy plans to test the soil from an abandoned rail bed near the former Velsicol Chemical Co. plant in St. Louis for hazardous chemicals.

      The old rail bed lies just outside a federal superfund site on which the Environmental Protection Agency has spent more than $100 million cleaning up after Velsicol.

      An older woman with short hair uses a mop to clean up wet floor
      Beenish Ahmed / Michigan Radio

      Detroit is lifting its water advisory on the city’s east side.

      City officials say they were notified of “brown, rusty water” by St. John Hospital, who found the problem while running their taps.

      Residents in neighborhoods like Cornerstone Village, East English Village and Morningside complained of the same issue.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      U.S. Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) says Congress needs to pass an infrastructure bill that is “bigger and bolder” than the one that narrowly passed the U.S. House Thursday.

      The Democratic-led House has approved a sizable $715 billion transportation bill. The bill passed Thursday includes spending for roads, rail, public transit and water and could serve as a marker in the negotiations over a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

      steve carmody / Michigan Radio

      One of Michigan’s largest cities currently does not have a contract with a business to pick up its garbage.

      Flint’s garbage pickup contract expired on June 30.

      Wednesday, the Flint City Council failed to approve a 90-day extension to the city’s contract with Republic Services. Instead, the council approved a 30-day contract, which is not what Republic wanted.

      Mental health crisis: Children at breaking point during COVID

      Jul 1, 2021
      looking through a window and seeing a school bus
      Erin Kirkland / Bridge Michigan

      On a tree-lined street, behind a welcoming front porch with an American flag and cushioned furniture, a mother tries to calm her teenage son.

      At the moment, the boy is jamming a dog toy at the throat of his chihuahua mix.

      $100 bills
      Tomasz Zajda / Adobe Stock

      About $5 million in cash and college scholarships will be given away in lottery-style drawings aimed at raising Michigan’s COVID-19 vaccination rate, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced Thursday.

      The incentive program features a $2 million jackpot, a $1 million prize and 30 daily drawings of $50,000 for residents ages 18 and older who have gotten at least one shot. Vaccinated residents ages 12 to 17 are eligible for one of nine four-year prepaid tuition contracts valued at $55,000.

      Lester Graham / Michigan Radio

      Michigan’s K-12 schools can expect a big spending boost as they prepare to welcome students back to classrooms.

      Macomb County Public Works/YouTube screengrab

      Why did the Conner Creek pumping station on Detroit’s east side lose power and fail during last Saturday’s torrential storms, exacerbating serious flooding?

      Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller says people deserve answers from the Great Lakes Water Authority, which operates Conner Creek and the Detroit area’s regional water infrastructure. Macomb County is a GLWA member.

      the trans pride flag the transgender pride flag
      Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash

      Attorney General Dana Nessel has issued an opinion calling Michigan's requirement of proof of sex-reassignment surgery to change the gender on an individual's birth certificate "unconstitutional."

      This comes after Michigan Department of Health and Human Services director, Elizabeth Hertel, made a formal request for the attorney general's opinion regarding the issue in February.?

      LGBT flag.
      Guillaume Paumier / Flickr

      Today on Stateside, changes to auto insurance's medical care funding formula are happening in Michigan. Critics fear many catastrophic car crash victims will end up in nursing homes at taxpayers' expense. Next up, we are re-airing a year of homeschooling and self-determination for Black families as they make their decisions to keep their children homeschooled or prepare them for traditional school. The second re-air is a conversation with a Detroit based LGBTQ muralist. Lastly, an Ypsilanti youth choir's pandemic journey to create innovative ways to sing together.

      Issues & Ale @ Home?
      Detroit's Olympic Dreams - Lessons Learned
      Tuesday, July 20, 2021 - 7:00 PM
      A Michigan Radio Free Virtual Event

      Many Michiganders may not be aware that the city of Detroit has made multiple bids to host the Olympic Games. With the Summer Olympics set to start in Tokyo after being delayed because of the pandemic, a new online exhibition looks at Detroit’s own Olympic history. We'll talk with the curators and Michigan historians about the city's attempts to host the games amid a backdrop of local, national and international politics.? ?

      Mark Brush / Michigan Radio

      Researchers say they expect cyanobacteria blooms on Lake Erie to be smaller than average. On a scale of one-to-ten, the severity of the blooms is forecast to be a ‘three.’

      The harmful algal blooms can produce a toxin that can harm the liver in people and animals.

      Flooding in metro Detroit this weekend.
      Courtesy of Dan Austin

      Update: June 30, 2021 - 7:15 a.m.

      Tens of thousands of Michiganders are without power Wednesday morning. That’s after storms Tuesday afternoon knocked more homes offline while crews were still working to repair earlier outages.

      DTE Energy is reporting more than 56,000 customers without power. The outages are widespread in metro Detroit. There is also a pocket of outages in the lower part of the Thumb.

      a flooded interstate 94 with a submerged vehicle
      Russ McNamara / WDET

      The flood waters that filled basements and streets in Detroit on Saturday are being characterized as a 500-year event in preliminary findings by the city, meaning there’s only a half percent chance it will occur in any given year.

      Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

      At the beginning of June, the $16 billion federal grant program designed to help small businesses forced to close down entirely during the pandemic hadn’t approved a single Michigan business for a grant. Now the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant program has approved 60 Michigan businesses – but getting approved and actually getting paid aren’t the same thing.

      NPR has previously reported how applicants to the program have waited, in some cases months, before hearing whether their application was approved. Even after winning approval for a Shuttered Venue Operators Grant (SVOG), it can take weeks for businesses to get paid.

      a group of people sitting on the back of a pick up truck in t shirts and work shoes
      Abdullah Hammoud / Twitter

      After a weekend of torrential rainfalls and intense flooding, many Dearborn residents have a massive cleanup on their hands. Basements are under several feet of water. Debris is strewn throughout the streets. Waterlogged possessions are set out at the curb.?State Rep. Abdullah Hammoud, a Democrat representing Dearborn, sent out an urgent call to action over the weekend, seeking volunteers to help residents in the flood’s aftermath.

      jimmiehomeschoolmom / flickr

      Today on Stateside, we speak with Dearborn’s State Representative on the needed infrastructure investments to deal with Michigan’s on-going floods. Next up, a year of homeschooling and self-determination for Black families as they make their decisions to keep their children homeschooled or prepare them for traditional school. Lastly, after 30 years of Federal law enforcement, retired FBI agent Greg Stejskal has come out with a book on famous Michigan cases.


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